Graham Stark (1922-2013) was a British comic actor, director, and photographer who appeared several times as a guest on the The Goon Show. He became friends with Peter Sellers when both served in the RAF during World War II, and would go on to collaborate with Sellers and Spike Milligan on several post-Goon projects.

After World War II, Stark became one of the comedic community that came together at the Grafton Arms as Milligan and Sellers developed the material for what would become The Goon Show. Stark was later part of the cast of A Show Called Fred. He appeared in the Pink Panther films alongside Sellers, and in Milligan's stage play The Bed-Sitting Room.

Stark appeared in many other comedies on radio, TV, and film. He briefly had his own TV sketch show in 1964, but it was a flop. His best-known film appearance outside of the Pink Panther films was as a bus conductor in Alfie. As a director, he is best remembered for the film The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins.

Stark was also Sellers's best man at all four of his weddings.

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