Ray Ellington

Henry Pitts Brown (17 March 1915 – 27 February 1985), known professionally as Ray Ellington, was a popular English singer, drummer and bandleader. He is best known for his appearances on The Goon Show from 1951 to 1960.

The Ray Ellington Quartet had a regular musical segment on the show, and Ellington also had a small speaking role in many episodes. Ellington specialised in Jazz but experimented with many other genres throughout the show's history and his musical style was heavily influenced by the comedic jump blues of Louis Jordan. Ellington's band was one of the first in the UK to feature the stripped-back guitar/bass/drums/piano format that became the basis of rock and roll, as well as being one of the first groups in Britain to prominently feature the electric guitar. They were also reputedly the first jazz band in the UK to use an amplified guitar, which was produced and introduced by their guitar player, Lauderic Caton The other members of Ellington's quartet were Dick Katz (Piano) and Coleridge Goode (Bass).

Early in the Goon Show's run, there were many jokes linking Ellington to the African nation of Ghana, thus leading Ellington to say that he came from Ghana.

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