Season 6, Episode 18
Air date January 17, 1956
Written by Spike Milligan
Guest(s) Charlotte Mitchell
Produced by Peter Eton
Musical interludes "Jeepers Creepers" (Geldray),
"One Alone" (Ellington)
Episode Guide
The Raid of the International Christmas Pudding
The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI

Synopsis Edit

Neddie Toulouse-Lautrec's easel is coveted by Count Jim Moriarty, and Neddie's wife Fifi is coveted by nearly everyone else.

Background Edit

Neddie's character is loosely based on the post-Impressionist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who did live in Montmartre for most of his professional career, and who was routinely mocked for his short stature. The real Toulouse-Lautrec was a friend of Paul Gaugin's, but was never married.

This episode was adapted for Telegoons.

References Edit

Availability Edit

  • Included in volume 10 of the BBC Radio Classics releases.
  • Transcript

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