Season 9, Episode 17
Air date February 23, 1958
Written by Spike Milligan
Guest(s) Kenneth Connor
Produced by John Browell
Musical interludes "I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time" (Geldray),
"'Tain't What You Do" (Ellington)
Episode Guide
The Gold Plate Robbery
A Christmas Carol

Synopsis Edit

Gryptpype and Moriarty have hapless Ken Connor diagnosed with poverty so that they can rob him of his National Health prescription for £50.

Background Edit

Harry Secombe was "indisposed" at the time of recording, so Kenneth Connor as his own eponymous character was brought in to replace him in the story.

References Edit

Availability Edit

  • Included in volume 16 of the BBC Radio Classics releases.
  • Transcript

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